13.4 Lesbian is the natural transition from male to female


There are seven different grades of life on earth for fatherhood and motherhood.
Every soul experience seven lives of being a man and then seven lives of being a woman and so on.
In the transition from a male to a female body, the masculine feeling of the past lives prevails in the woman. That is why she still feels attracted to other women.
In the lives after, the feminine feeling will continue to develop.


-But homosexuality is therefore nothing else than that the spirit, the soul as a human being, goes to the other body, because we live in both organisms.

-One is a man, the other one is a mother, but we enter both organisms. Clear?
And the world still does not want to accept that but all of that will come soon. And that is irrevocably a divine law. That can be seen and experienced in all the organisms

-That is not only for the human being, but that is also for the animal world. That reincarnation always continues.

Question and Answer Part 4 p.17

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof