13.6 Ambivalent is the result of a physical disturbance in the fetus caused by man and woman feelings of equal force


Each soul experiences seven lifetimes of being male and then seven lifetimes of being female and so on. In the transition from female to male and vice versa, we see gay and lesbian. In this transitional area, the soul has female and male feeling forces, which are close to each other. It is likely that we should look for the explanation for the emergence of transgender, bisexuality, ambivalence ea also in these transitional lives.  The books of Joseph Rulof describe that ambivalent is the result of a physical disturbance in the growth of the fetus, caused by the action of male and female feelings of equal power.

 Source: In the books of Jozef Rulof the following is stated by the Heavenly Masters:

-They know that. You see, between the third and the fourth grade you get the formation of the organism, then you go from fatherhood to motherhood and now there is no feeling, no feeling anywhere. That is, they are neither father nor mother.

-And now that creation continues and has no form of existence, no influence, and as a result of this two feelings come about at the same strength, because they both live in the human being, and then those two gender states emerge and are at half-waking consciousness in the human being.

Question and Answer Part 2 p.311-312

-If you start to analyse motherhood, fatherhood, homosexuality, maternal, paternal, cell power, cell consciousness, cell psychopathy, and start to analyse all those laws, you will need a book of five thousand pages, only about the birth of a child.

Question and Answer Part 2 p.101