14.2 Water is Holy Motherhood. All life is born in the waters


All life has ever come from the astral All-Mother Plasma. The first materialization were mists and water came out of it. In this water, Mother Water, this astral life was materialized as cell life.The first cell life that was born was the human cells, consisting of soul, mind and physical body. When this cell life continued, the animal kingdom and nature arose from the remnants of the human cells.


-But now the water? The water is ‘motherhood’, Mr Berends, is mother for all life; also we people were born in the waters. But from our life the animal king- dom received the own existence.

-Then we had already experienced our rst life as a cell, but had even more energy in our organism in order to produce life, but this was no longer necessary, because this experienced a decay and look, a new life came into being and that became the animal kingdom.

Question and Answer Part 1 p.33

-By means of me the animal has, the realm of colours has, the ower and the plant life have received growth, blood cir- culation, and heartbeat. Because the human being and all the life, André – you saw that anyway – was born in the waters. 

Lectures part p.335

-The human being who becomes conscious in this spac, thanks Mother Earth and kisses her. This earth has a soul and a spirit, a personality and possesses the Divine justice, because you get life after life. She takes care of your sleep, she takes care of your food and drink.

Lectures part 2 p.147
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof