14.3 Many people feel strongly attracted to Mother Water


Man was once born as cell life in Mother Water and could evolve there and develop the water consciousness.The water is still very attractive to many people.Sometimes one cannot resist that and then runs into the water and drowns


-He says: “Yes, mother, I got to know your depth. Everything is true. e human being and all the life was born by means of your life, mother. I can now prove that, I can explain that now. e human being, all the life of our Mother and Father originated in your life and received condensing and expansion by means of your giving birth. 

Lectures part3 p.419  

-Millions of people have felt the power of attraction of the water and jumped into it unconsciously, and drowned, of course. There are people who, if the Moon is in the sky, no longer have any resistance outside and walk into the water of their own accord. at is because we people were born in the waters.

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof part 1 p. 71

-That is the natural hypnosis. Do you not believe in that? Half of Egypt walked into it, into the Nile, and drowned themselves, because they heard the water speak. That is the unity with the life of God. And the water is God as mother.

Question and Answer Part 4 p.141
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof