14.4 The eel must go to the womb of Mother Water to mate: The Sargasso Sea


Water as a whole is also a physical being with its own soul and spirit and also all vital organs that we find in man and in the entire cosmos. Water also has a womb. The water life on Earth originated here. On some animals, this womb still has appeal when they want to reproduce themselves. The eel shows us the way to the womb of the Water, the Sargasso Sea. Also this mystery, which Earth science cannot explain, is thus solved!


-An eel in the waters crawls back, that great journey of the eel, and goes to the sea – and they do not know why those animals go to the sea – and they die for that.

-If you listen carefully now, ladies and gentlemen, this is a prophecy for the world, I have already known it for so long, Master Alcar showed me.

-That eel cannot originate in a secondary arm because that animal is an independence for giving birth, but finds the peace…, and the giving birth principle, and the entering, and the accepting and the receiving, happens precisely in the giving birth of the sea, and that is the womb of the waters.

-Because the mother is water, water is giving birth, is mother, so that mother must possess a motherhood somewhere and a womb; proof, that the human being has it, and all life has it, must also be a place some- where in the waters where that actual giving birth lives.

Question and Answer Part 3 p.117-118
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof