15.3 The Cosmic Motherhood sucked in its own plasma to one place


First there was the All-Source as Soul and Life. There came action and then the two Divine Basic forces manifest themselves as spiritual plasma.In the next phase, this mental plasma started to split. This created millions of sparks as condensed spiritual energy. The two Basic forces, Motherhood and Fatherhood, now suck in the condensed spiritual energy each to their own central point. Through this sucking in, Motherhood forms a compacted astral sphere.

-What you now must accept, is that this motherhood absorbs the own substance. And this absorbing already took millions of years, according to this time and your calculation, before the moon could begin as mother for this space.

Lectures Part 1 p.430

-And now we see that that aura, that plasma gathers itself and sucks itself up as it were into one source, that pulls together. And now we get… And that pulling together manifests itself because that power there as mother and that space here as father manifests itself and accepts the independence as mother. We now see, we experience – we have to accept that – that in this space, in this vastness there is nothing else than fatherhood and motherhood.

Lectures Part 1 p.427

-Now again millions of years pass. Thus, in that atmosphere lives a glowing ball which remains floating in it. From this, a planet will presently appear.

The Origin of the Universe p.71

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof