15.2 The ball of Divine light teared apart and spread into the Universe


The birth process of the All-Mother experienced seven eras of development. In the final phase, an enormous sphere of Divine spiritual plasma, trembling gold light, was created. Everything was one more. Then the next phase starts. The light mass tears apart and spreads into the Universe.The All-Source has split itself into countless particles of condensed spiritual energy.Each particle has a piece of the All-Soul and has a spiritual body and can now evolve as a separate form of life.

-You see, my brothers, that the All-Source as Mother opens itself and begins with creation.

-What you now see is therefore the life fluid of the All-Mother, and that means giving birth! After this the spiritual evolution comes and that becomes the material world as a space. It is the universe in which you live.

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1 p.21-22

-This tremendous creation had burst into billions of particles, The process of creation has begun: the origin of stars, planets and solar systems. What you see, are luminous balls of fire; but, in reality, this is God’s own light and life; God’s sacred radiance.

The Origin of the Universe p.69-70

-You must see God as the life. at life came from that space, and there was darkness for the creation. An aura came, a working, that was the All-Source, the All-Mother.

Question and Answer 5 p.62-63

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof