19.5 Birds in the Spheres of Light


We also see the higher species of the Earth in the Spheres of Light for the winged species, the birds.
The highly developed species of animals that have reached the Spheres of Light will someday dissolve in the highest form: the winged species.
Birds in the Spheres live with humans and can also speak with humans.

-That animal must come back, must evolve and will probably also come back in different breeds for this breed of dog, animal-like consciousness.
But one day it will fly into the universe, the animal, the dog, the cat, the tiger, the lion, every animal species gets spatial consciousness. And what is that? I told you that, that is the winged sort.

Question and Answer Part 5 p.178-179

-And a lion and a tiger, the real animal species on the land, the ape too, must it all remain there? They get wings, and many animals already have them and soon they will also get the spiritual wings and then they will live ‘behind the coffin’, on the other side, and go with us to the conscious divine All.

Question and Answer Part 3 p.69 

-All this life returns to God.
We see millions of birds, they come to us. They perch on your stretched- out hand and speak a language that you understand.

Masks and Men p.929

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof