20.1 Twin souls originated at the beginning of creation


At the beginning of creation, the All-Motherhood formed a sphere of spiritual nebula plasma, in which the first planet, Mother Moon, emerged. In here billions of god-human cells separated. Small translucent droplets made up of plasma and soul. These cells formed pairs and connected. Each cell gave a part of itself to the other, from which a new cel grew. The new formed cel then split into two children cells. These had got enough power to grow to maturity, but not enough to reproduce. For this they needed the power of the parent cells, which had died in the meantime and waited in the world of the unconscious. Their souls connected with the children’s process of reproduction and inspired the new fruit, which also split in two cells.
In this way billions of cell pairs were formed on the first planet and started together

-But on the moon, we dealt with that a moment ago, we were division and division, divine core as embryo, and gave one life to the other one. And from that giving of mine and from yours new lives originated. And that is now that actual core which belongs to me and to you, by means of which we became father and mother. They are now those twin states.

Question and Answer 3 p.120

-Anyone who was a spark of God now, which soul, that means noth- ing. So I mean for the very first contact, the dividing of that soul with the other life spark. Isn’t it true, millions of sparks of God belong to one attunement. And when that spark had reached the conscious stage in or- der to give birth and to create, that other spark was also that far and the division could take place. All of us were able to experience that. But now a bit further.

The Cosmology 5 p.61

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof 

See also: https://rulof.org/en/Our-first-lives-as-a-cell