20.9 Twin souls will one day experience Divine unity


We become Divine Twin Souls
-This becomes the answer to all these questions, which you will soon ask for paternal love and maternal love, it is only now that you will sense as a child of the earth what you will soon give in love by means of your cosmic consciousness and you will sense what Christ meant, how deep Christ is in love!
Believe us, we will follow you in everything! We know this love.
We possess, carry that love. We became Divine twin souls as man and wife! The human being becomes a Deity in love!

The Cosmology 2 p.182-183

 Sun and Moon are twin souls
-Sun and Moon were able to condense themselves for the first time with the origin of the creation and motherhood continued to accept that warmed plasma, but by means of this the life condensed itself in an embryonic state. The Sun as the paternal authority emitted that power and the Mother as the First Cosmic Grade of Life absorbed that sacred working into herself. And because the Sun still did not possess those powers for the present stage, they experienced this Divine and spatial oneness. By means of that Sun and Moon are one life, they are twin souls.

The Cosmology 1 p.190

-If we were to analyse all those pictures for fatherhood and motherhood and the twin love and for the astral world, then we would have to write a hundred books for your consciousness. Here and there we can only intervene in order to give you a picture.

Lectures 1 p.357

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof