21.1 What is a Near Death Experience (NDE)


As a result of a life-threatening situation due to an accident or illness or during an operation, someone can experience a Near Death Experience (NDE).
Although the NDE phenomenon is very old, it has only gained more scientific recognition in recent decades. This is mainly due to the research of the Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel.
He conducted a thorough scientific study on 344 patients who suffered cardiac arrest in the hospital. Of these, 62 turned out to have had an NDE. The findings of his research are recorded in the book, “Endless Consciousness.” and included in the renowned medical journal “The Lancet”.
According to Van Lommel, the reactions of the environment to a near-death experience are often incredulous and critical. Many people therefore feel burdened to talk about their experience.

-“Suddenly I notice that from above I look at a woman lying on a bed with her legs in the supports. I see panic among the nurses and doctors, I see a lot of blood on the bed and on the floor. (…) I shoot through a dark tunnel at lightning speed. A great peaceful, blissful feeling overflows me. (…) I hear beautiful music. I see beautiful colors and beautiful flowers in all possible colors in a large meadow. At the end is a nice, bright, warm light. … I see a being in a light robe. The creature is waiting for me and holds out her hand. (…) We go hand in hand to the beautiful and warm light. Then she lets go of my hand and turns around. I feel sucked back. I have to go back. I notice a nurse slapping my cheeks hard and calling me.

 Source: Pim van Lommel. Eindeloos bewustzijn.