21.2 What are the specific characteristics of a NDE


Various studies in the field of NDE reveal the following specific characteristics, which are experienced:

A dark room and a tunnel with beautiful light; 
I saw my body but did not feel it.
I was sucked away, as it were.

The feeling of  quiet and peace, no more pain;
I have never felt so happy.

 The realization of being dead; 
Very soberly I thought: Hey, now I’m dead.

Exit experience outside the unconscious body;
The sight of the Earth from this height was the most beautiful and enchanting thing I have ever experienced.

Perception of a non-worldly environment, with beautiful buildings, colors, flowers, music;
As I approached that area there were trees and birds and lots of people, but seemed to be made of light.
Everything I saw was of an indescribable love.

Meet deceased loved ones and acquaintances;
They were all around 35 years old, including my brother whom I had never known

Contact with a radiant, bright light or being;
I realized what a gift this was and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings

A sense of indescribable experience;
Everything I saw was imbued with an indescribable Love

A vibe of all actions and the consequences;

Experiencing a boundary and the return into the body.

Sources: P. van Lommel and R.A. Moody and others