21.3 What are the consequences of an NDE


The consequences of an NDE
A NDE-experience can fundamentally change people. Usually people become milder, less materialistic and more interested in knowledge, the environment, spirituality and in the sense of life.

Characteristics include:
-No fear of death anymore; sometimes even homesickness and longing for that unconditional Love
-Believe in an afterlife, more spiritual
-Need for silence and to withdraw
-Increased intuition and sensitivity, paranormal
-Positive self-image
-Strong sense of responsibility too to the world and the environment

Problems that can arise after an NDE:
-Burden of hypersensitivity
-Changing sleep rhythm
-Irritating to the partner who has not changed

A terrifying NDE
Some people experience a frightening NDE.
They cannot get out of the dark and are even drawn to the dark depth to their horror. This is also called a hell experience.

And as I fell there, I started to hear screams, heartbreaking, horrible, horrible laughing and the most disgusting stench … And there were all horrible looking and terrifying creatures, one even scarier than the other, grabbed me. Without exception they were comforted and encouraged and watched over.

Source: Pim van Lommel. Endless awareness

These experiences are very similar to Dante’s description of hell in Divinia Commedia and also to the images in the paintings by Jeroen Bosch