21.4 What is an NDE according to the Wisdom of Jozef Rulof


The Near-Death Experiences, as described by Pim van Lommel and others, are fully in line with the Wisdom brought to Earth by the metaphysicist Jozef Rulof with the help of his masters in the 1930s and 1940s . Jozef Rulof’s books describe in detail the process of leaving and dying.

Every person has a physical and a spiritual body with soul, consciousness, life and feeling. With an NDE or other type of disembodiment, someone leaves his body and continues as spirit, soul and consciousness. That consciousness is an integral part of our personality, feeling and soul. Our consciousness is also connected through our emotional life to our subconscious mind, in which all information and feelings of all lives are stored.

All information exchange goes through the emotional life and is translated by the brain to the senses and vice versa. If soul and spirit are outside the body, then our consciousness is also outside the body. The feeling then replaces the senses and communicates without the brain.
So consciousness is not bound to the brain and is non-local.

-Some ime ago, Itold you about our vital centre, also called the solar plexus. Now this center is directly linked up with the nervous system.
Whatever we earthly human beings think and feel is processed by the nervous system and these impressions are made to reach their destination, namely the brain.

Mental diseases viewed from the Other Side (ME.7991.7993)

Source:Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof