21.5 The fluid cord connects the physical body with the spiritual body


In an NDE, the spiritual body is still connected to the physical body and this by the so-called fluid cord. This is a kind of energy cord that connects the physical body to the spiritual body and emotional live.
Fluid cord and emotional life connect to the solar plexus chakra of the physical body. This connection is located at the level of the navel.
As long as this connection is intact, the disembodied spirit can still return to the physical body. If the fluid cord, which is also called the life cord, breaks, the separation between body and mind is final and the physical body dies.

-Look you see the slender ray of light protruding from your left side, that’s the fluid cord which connects your spirit with your physical body.

-And yet this invisible cord is material man’s thread of life. We also call it live self, because it’s one with matter.

A View in the Hereafter 2 p.45

-The cord of life connects both bodies,  and it keeps the spirit wrapped within an infinite number of filaments.
These form a soft fluid in which the spiritual body exists, and which is only visible to us.

A View in the Hereafter 2 p.66

 You are feeling, you are life. All of that is the Divine core in the human being. And now that core grows. As the universe grew, as everything expands, the human being now expands by means of his character, by means of his thinking, by means of his feeling. 

Lectures part 2 p.428

 Source:Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof