21.6 In an NDE the soul is attracted by that astral sphere, to which it has attunement


When a person emerges from his physical body during an NDE, his spiritual personality experiences the astral worlds after death.
In the NDE research by Pim van Lommel and others, the experience is called: feeling an indescribable love: experiencing beautiful light, beautiful buildings, colors, flowers and music. People are seen, often acquaintances who seemed to be made of light, beautiful and not older than 35 years, etc.
These descriptions of an astral world experienced during the NDE fully correspond to the characteristics of the first Light Sphere, as described in detail in the books of Jozef Rulof.
According to this Wisdom soul and spirit are attracted after death, by that astral world, which corresponds to the level of consciousness, the level of selfless Love, that soul has reached in all those Earthly lives. When dying / passing over one is often picked up from the Spheres of Light by familiar spirits.

-There is no dying. You free yourself as a spiritual  personality
and you go to the new birth, or you go straight on to the Spheres of Light.

Question and answer Part 5 p.218

-Wherever I look, all I can see is beauty. On earth a person can have beauty, however, here it is a spiritual possession.
The buildings in the first sphere have an amazing architecture. They are high up and built from snow-white marble.

Through the Grebbeline to eternal life p. 277

-The second sphere, I thought, could I enter there.

-I saw green and trees, flowers in the most exquisite colours, temples and buildings.

-Men and women were together and they all were radiant like suns. They walked around in nature, and I could feel their happiness from afar.

The Cyce of the Soul p.284, 286

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof