22.1 The mission of Jozef Rulof and his Heavenly Masters


Jozef Rulof and master Alcar and master Zelanus were tasked to bring to Earth the Knowledge of all life on a soul level, the Cosmology. In order to acquire this Knowledge, Jozef Rulof had to experience the astral worlds after death himself.
That is why Master Alcar let him disembody. After each journey in the astral worlds, he also returned to his earthly body again and again. In order to unlock the acquired knowledge for humanity, it had to be recorded in book form. For this he was put into a trance, after which his master typed out the information through him and thus captured this unique knowledge for humanity. These special “travel reports” and travelreports, together with the texts of many Lectures and Question and Answer evenings, have been recorded in 27 books. Most of these books are nowadays available in different languages.

-You know that I returned to the Earth to tell the people about our life. But I’am not the only one, thousands of others are member of that order. Now we all want to show our life to you, as instrument, so it will be made known to the people. In that way we will be able to givew them a clear image of the sferes, and also how to reach them.
-Not until you have seen all the existential spheres will man realize how colossal the happiness is that awaits him on this side. Afterwards we will visit other conditions and undertake other journeys.

A View in the Afterlive  p.194

-Whether you want to accept this is up to you. Alcar says that the answer is deep within us and that you must feel it, nobody can impose that on you.

The Origin of the Universe p.7