22.6 During sleep and with the help of a spiritual guide someone can disembody unconsciously


People can disembody while sleeping and then meet a loved one who has passed away.
The next morning when they wake up, they can remember this disembodiment and it is often thought that it was an ordinary dream.
Nothing could be further from the truth, they are assisted in this meeting by spirits, beloved ones, who help man to disembody and also ensure that the physical body sleeps through and is shielded from dangers, such as entities, who want to break the fluidcord.
In disembodied form, they are then taken to the Spheres of Light to meet their loved ones, who passed away.
Such an encounter is often healing and educational for the person who is allowed to disembody.

-Numerous people dream that they have spoken to their loved ones while sleeping. That is possible and happens between the fourth and fifth grade of sleep. Here they disembody, but remain unconscious. They do not know how the wonder happens. Their loved ones waken them during sleep, however, they ensure that the organism continues to sleep, and bring them back to the body. Great deals of people have experienced their support in this for the earthly life.

-A mother loses her only child and suffers so much under it that madness awaits her. She therefore succumbs because of her sorrow. Then her own mother intervenes, helped by a master, and now the earthly mother experiences the unity with her child. For her God came to her that night. God wakened her and said: “Look, my child, who is here?”

The mother races to her child and embraces it. In the morning, she knows everything, but still thinks that she has dreamed. Yet, she recov- ers as a result of it. This mercy gave her back the resistance. Thousands of people experience something else, but all of them experience the temporary release from the organism during sleep and enter the astral life between the fourth and fifth grade. However, they must be assisted by an astral personality, otherwise, it will not be possible.

Spiritual Gifts p. 437

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof