26.2 How long does it take for the soul to get a new life again


A soul that is not yet ready on Earth is attracted by the astral World of the Unconscious after leaving the body. In this world the soul resides in a kind of meditative sleep state, until the time when it is again attracted to a new life on Earth.Because of the many murders that have ever been committed and have to be made good this world of the unconscious is overpopulated. A new incarnation can take hundreds of years for these souls. There are more souls waiting for an earthly body in the World of the Unconscious, than there are people on Earth.

-Thousands of souls as human beings are waiting for the reincarnation, but because the human being began with destruction in the material life, the number increased staggeringly and we will soon get to know that.

The Cosmology5 p.74

-But if you come back after that for hatred, murder, destruction, lust, lying and cheating, then you must wait thousands of ages for a new organ- ism. You have removed yourself so far, so deeply from the divine harmonic birth.

Question and Answer p.93

-Eighty years, according to the count of time on earth, have gone by  and that is only a short time, for most stay hundreds of years in that world, before they are attracted back to earth.

The Cycle of the Soul p.307

-Stop murdering!
Give a new organism to the soul, thousands are waiting impatiently in order to be able to continue the material life.

Mask and men p.798

-If we are now free from sins, faults, disharmony, sir, then it could be possible.. But then it is a task, then I will come back immediately; then you could be attracted in a short time, in seven months, even in seven hours and be born again on earth. balance with all the divine laws.

Question and Answer Part 2 p.366 (Q2.14304.14306)

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof