26.3 The spheres in the Hereafter


The Heavenly Masters, who wrote the books by Jozef Rulof, give in the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’ a detailed description of the spiritual astral worlds, where we will go after completing our life cycle on earth. They call these astral worlds spheres. There are seven spheres of darkness and seven spheres of Light. In between there is a transition sphere that we call “Twilight Land”. (See also Lesson 30)

-By means of this, we followed that, we determined that, for the soul as spiritual personality, seven dark and seven luminous spheres as worlds were born. Those are now for our life the seven unconscious and the seven conscious worlds for the human personality.

The Cosmology 1 p.205

-Everyone arrives here in the state he is in, deep within, and he will arrive in the sphere where he belongs spiritually. In keeping with the law of cause and effect, man reaps what he sows. Very many arrive here in an unhappy state and often have to spend a long time in the dark, chilly spheres before they can progress spiritually and reach a higher area. Others however, who already understood on earth that it’s God’s intention for us to spend this life for the good of others and who act accordingly, will, immediately after their transition, feel happy and at home in the sphere that corresponds to their inner being.

A view in the Hereafter p.66

-When man enters this side, he will take possession of his sphere. I have told you about it. It is not only limited to the sphere in which they live, but they will also learn everything below their own sphere, including the stars and planets below the third cosmic degree of life. We will observe all that and it will become our property.

The Origin of the Universe p.105-106

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof