26.8 Everything in the Universe is in one state


Everything in the cosmos is made up of Divine energies.
Everything is also in one state, one world, one space.
Yet every sphere, every world is separate from the others.
This is difficult for humans to understand.
Only when we have reached the higher realms of light will we be able to fully understand this.

-Now in our condition the high- est mentality is also present: The seventh cosmic attunement. So, when you sense all this, you realize that we live in and with God, that we are together with God, yet are still far removed from His Divine Life. Here, and wherever man may be, the deepest and also the highest attunements are gathered. It tells you that good and evil are one, constitute one condition, namely man. God is within us, but so are the darkest powers, which we must conquer in order to approach our holy Father. God lives within us; we carry the light within us, but also deep darkness.

A View in the Hereafter p.323

-So everything is in one condition, in one world, one space, and so it will remain until we have reached our last transition, the Divine Spheres. Therefore, we can be in the sphere of the earth and yet have returned to the Divine source. Yet, every sphere is separated from the others, and I showed that to you when you observed the first and second stage. You see how deep everything is, but we can follow all that on our side, because we have acquired those spheres and transitions, and possess them.

-It will be clear to you, AndreĢ, that when one looks at the universe from the earth, stars and planets are observed, but there is more in that tremendous expanse. What we observe from the earth belongs to the material cosmos and is the visible energy, but what we do not observe is the invisible cosmos and what lives in it cannot be seen, nor estimated, because it can only be observed from our side.

The Origin of the Universe p.125

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof