3.7 Millions of laws of life harmoniously guide the evolution of the Soul


The Divine Evolution Plan is an orderly plan and is guided in a natural harmonious way by
millions of Cosmic laws of life.
These cosmic laws are also reflected here on Earth again in everything.
Most important for humans and all live in the Universe are the laws of Father- and Motherhood and the Law of Reincarnation. These Laws guide the human soul through the evolution process.

-The All-Source, from which we, human beings are born, is female and male, childbirth and creation. We see these Laws again in everything.
Also our universe, the expiring universe, is only Father-and Motherhood, creation and expanding, evolution and will eventually return into the Divine-All.

-The human being is at the heart of the Divine Evolution. In order to understand and recognize this in our daily lives, it is necessary to learn to know the origin of All.

-This lesson with Heavenly Wisdoms is derived from the books of the mystic Jozef Rulof and shows you who you really are; a divine child following his own spiritual evolution path, back to the Divine Source.

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