3.6 Once we ourselves are Divinely conscious, brilliant luminous beings


Billions of years ago our Universe was born from the All-Source, the Divine All-Mother.
During the Big Bang, this energy divided itself and created stars and planets from which human and all life emerged as a cellular lifeĀ from God’s sparks and began to evolve.

-The visible Universe around us: people, animals, nature, water, rocks, stars and planets is a material manifestation of that immense Intelligence which we, people call “God”.
In addition, there is also the astral, invisible Universe. All of this is “God”.

-We, the human beings, are born as sparks of God’s life from the All-Source and we are supposed to develop that we can eventually return to the Divine-All.
For this purpose, God created the Universe for mankind. Man as Divine spark must develop and must acquire the universe, visible and invisible.

-That means evolution, both at the physical and the spiritual level. For this evolution process, the human soul always received again new physical lives.

The Society Wisdoms from Heaven