3.5 Everything vibrates with Love and radiates like the Sun


If man feels that everything is essentially Divine, then it will move him deeply and that is Love.
Because everything vibrates with love, shines like a sun and this is the love force that we will all possess one day.
Then we are suns ourselves, luminous beings, as the universe is and we will be like God!

However deep everything is, everything, all those wonders are simplicity, for God is simplicity and love.
When man feels that, it will move him deeply and ‘this’ is love.

-Because everything vibrates for love, radiates like the sun, and this is the power of love, nothing but power of love, a power which all of us will once possess.

-Then we are suns ourselves, luminous beings like the universe, and we shall be like God.

The origin of the Universe p.101,102

-We who live on the side beyond have learned and understood the message of Christ and we accept that the entire cosmos is inhabited.

-We have learned that we are like God and we will pass on into it. You must acquire this.

-Love each other like you love yourself. Look up, Divine happiness awaits you.
It is up to you to earn it, to acquire all this.

The origin of the Universe p.372

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof