31.2 The dark spheres are missing love, warmth, sunshine and life force


The dark spheres are gloomy worlds without love, warmth, sunshine or life force. Nothing grows or flourishes.
All spiritual personalities in a dark sphere have the same degree of attunement, aimed at destroying, demolishing and indulging passions.

-There is no life here, no warmth, no love, no sun, nothing of all the things which life offers us. Likewise this substance has been robbed of all power; because here things have no existential condition, everything is in the same attunement. What- ever man feels will determine his possession on this side. I’m sure you feel how sad it is. Here nothing grows or blooms, because life is unnatural. They lack the vital juices which make life grow, they have no existence, and that is why everything is barren and cold.

A View into the Hereafter p.295

-As a spiritual personality you have attunement to hatred, to destruction, to kicking, to hitting, to murderous devastation in everything. The human being can let rip considerably in the spirit, and then you feel: you will definitely get to see your own kind there, and there are millions of them.

Question and Answer 3 p.46

-Now listen to this shouting. They meet each other, attack each other, want to experience each other, and that is also possible, but there is no end to the division. And yet, these men and women, you see it happening, experience each other, because they possess all the organs as there are on Earth, but now spiritually. This sucking each other empty is the being one for the material human being.
-However, this being one does not give the soul any satisfaction. That satisfaction, which is the division, belongs to the material organism.

The Cosmology 5 p.111,112

 Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof