32.0 Spirits on Earth


When Jozeph Rulof steps out of his body on earth, he sees more spirits than people on the streets. All these spirits once lived as human beings on earth, and have become ‘spirits’ by dying. They have a spiritual body that can closely resemble their discarded earthly bodies, but is of a much thinner substance.
He sees both light spirits and dark spirits there. Light spirits come to earth to protect their earthly loved ones from dangers and warn of mischief. This is why they are called ‘guardian angels’.
Dark spirits want to possess and harm humans

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We aren’t dead, we’re alive. Don’t mourn over us, we come to you and will help you. We can see through matter and can guide your ways through all marsh- es. We see the danger, because we have been released from crude matter. We are highly sensitive and live in the light. This is the power which we, here in eternity, received from God. Don’t close your ears, we are with you and want to help you. Don’t look for us afar, we are near. Don’t look for us in the grave, we’re alive and at your side.’

A View into the Hereafter p.134

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof