32.11 Demons on earth indulge themself by man


When Joseph Rulof as a spirit looks around on earth with his master, they regularly see how demons from the dark spheres indulge themselves on earthly people. Man’s passions open the gate, after which demons and man then indulge themselves in bestiality and also ruin other people.
The story below is from the book “A View into the Hereafter” and describes how a beautiful-looking woman with a bad inner life seduces others into ruin.

-This is a concert hall and as you see, wherever there’s life, the spirit is present. Connec- tions are possible everywhere.

-You will see beings amongst them who are attacked and possessed by many at the same time. -He saw good and evil, passion and vi- olence, coarse-material and animal-like conditions gathered together. These were people, and all these people lived in different attunements of good and evil.

-A woman walked ahead of him who was very beautiful according to earthly standards, but what a monster she was, seen on this side. How terrible she looked, something earthly eyes could not perceive. What did her beauty con- sist of? Nothing but her material garment; deep down she was black, as dis- mal as the darkness in which she dwelt. And yet people were killed to possess such a being. He saw a hideous being all around her that held her entangled with his terrible claws. She was in his power, that being was living her life for her. It drained her of her vital juices, led her through life, held her captive and yet she felt nothing of it. They were one, equal in their essence.

A View into the Hereafter p.502,503,504

-Live yourselves, men and women … do not allow that astral personality one gram of your own emotional life, do not let yourself live it up, do not wish an accident upon those unsavoury people, they have ruined their lives and want to continue with this through you, even if you do not wish to understand your fel- low being. But remain stubborn now, short, be harsh to your other ‘self’ … and you will be faced with a pile of misery, soon, ‘behind the coffin’ and then you can see yourself! You now wear nice shoes, nice clothes, your hair, your appearance is cared for, but now the inside as well! If you think falsely, what will happen then? Eve- rything of your organism and of your spirit now suffers from that deformation.

Question and Answer 1 p.26

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof