32.10 Continuous grieving for a deceased person can hinder that person’s development


Saying goodbye to a loved one is often very sad. The story below from the book “A View into the Hereafter”, is about a woman who died at a young age and whose parents keep returning to the grave. However, they do not realise that their grief draws the deceased back to earth and they are not given here rest to develop fully in the Spheres of Light.

-This is a cemetery, and you see how lots of people are going to lay flowers on the graves of their beloved. The bereaved don’t find much consolation there, but an ignorant person can’t imagine what reality is, he can’t picture it. He thinks that all his beloved ones do indeed lie beneath the tombstones, and to visit them is his only consolation. He thinks he honours them and loves them in this way.

-This is the grave of a girl aged twen- ty-five. Take a good look around and listen.’ André saw an angel standing on the grave, hewn out of snow-white marble. It held a palm in his right hand and leaned over as if to protect the grave.

-Look, André, the couple standing in front of the grave are her parents. They put these beautiful flowers on the tombstone as a token of their love. I’ll show you more, but don’t speak.’ André had to restrain himself from making any sound, because next to the parents he saw a young girl, as beautiful as an angel and dressed entirely in white. She held her arms around her mother who didn’t seem to notice anything. Nor did she hear the soft voice that said to her: ‘Mother, mother, I’m with you. Don’t be sad, I’m happy. 

-What are you doing here in the earth’s sphere? Your house lies in the spheres of light, doesn’t it? Yes, brother, it does, but I find no peace. They keep on drawing me back here. I have no peace due to all their sorrow and all their grief. Oh, if only they knew that I’m alive and that I’m well, then I could be happy in the spheres of light, Happiness and Love. But I can’t be happy now because they don’t know. Oh, help me, please help me. I beseech you. You are also from the Light. Help me, brother, that I may reach them. 

-But we will help you. My friend and I are determined to convince them of your life in the spheres.

A View into the Hereafter p.183,184,185

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof