32.9 Guardian spirits inspire family members on Earth to do the right things


Light spirits also often act as guardian spirits of a family member who is still alive on earth. They then watch over their loved one. They can do this, for example, by irradiating the earthly human with energy in case of illness or overstress. However, human beings have their own will and are responsible for their own actions and spiritual development.

-‘Is this boy passing on, Alcar?’ ‘No, his time has not yet come. He will live, he will be cured of this illness.’ The spirit laid his radiant hands on the patient’s head. He gave the boy all his powers of love. It was great to be allowed to experience this as a human being. It was the love of a father for his child. Oh, how beautiful it was. How mighty love was. They believed him to be dead, but the dead one was saving the life of his child.

A View into the Hereafter p.287

-What was that? I saw a radiant shape next to my mother and bent over her. The being radiated a beautiful light, which illuminated mother. A beautiful being radiated her, his hands lay on her forehead. Mother was being treated, helped by a spirit; I felt it immediately.

-Unexpectedly the being turned round and looked at me and now I saw two beautiful human eyes, which shone like suns. The eyes of my master also shone like this, because I also saw that same powerful radiance. I knew that spirit, but where had I seen him? Suddenly it occurred to me. ‘Grandfather, oh, grandfather, is it you? Here, with my mother?
-He lived in the second sphere and was a happy spirit. He watched over her, my mother, his child

Those who came back from the Dead p.145,146

-Do not forget that the human being has his own will and that the higher spirit cannot and will not influence your life, because he knows this. You will have to act yourself, we can only protect and guide you. So nothing can be changed by us of your inner self. Not a single spirit can carry the burdens of the human being. Each human being carries his own cross. Yet we can help you by leading you in that direction.

-When I felt and saw that you would take the wrong path, I helped you by inspiring you to take that other road. I worked on you in silence, which you clearly felt.’

The Cycle of the Soul p.170

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof