32.8 Light spirits inspire people, who help humanity to develop spiritually


The story below is from the book from Jozef Rulof’ book “A View into the Hereafter”. It is about a female writer who writes a book, inspired by a Light Spirit from the third sphere of Light. The book is meant to help people in their spiritual evolution.
The Light Spirits not only help people who are passing on to the spiritual world, but also those working on earth for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

-André saw a woman, she was very beautiful and spread a glorious light. She too was busy writing; a lovely light was around her. Within this light he saw the astral spirit; the two had become one. She received help from that being. André felt that she was aware of it; her feeling passed on into the being; their auras merged, they both had one attunement. Here too he saw two human beings, who had melted together and were trying to provide mankind with spiritual nourishment to further their salvation. A spirit of light had entered the sphere of the earth and brought happiness and warmth from higher regions. The whole room was lit up by its light. The light which he perceived, was the light from the third sphere, which he had got to know on previous journeys. She, the author, would enter there when she passed on. How great her fortune was to have already reached this level on earth.

-He saw that she wanted to pray, and also the astral spirit knelt down beside her. How mighty, how beautiful it was to be allowed to see this truth. Two beings, kneeling down; a physical human being and a human being who had shed his physical garment. Both asked God for strength to be able to continue the work they cherished.

A View into the Hereafter p.521.                                   

 Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof