32.7 Demons can drive people to commit suicide


The story below from the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ by Jozef Rulof is about an elderly man, who is under the strong influence of a female demon. On his deathbed, this demon tries to force him to commit suicide.
Fortunately, the man gets help from a light spirit and is eventually able to pass peacefully into the world of spirit.

-I followed this terrible scene and now heard the spirit say, which sounded so satanic to my ears: ‘Take your own life and come here.’ ‘Where?’ he asked.‘Here in our world.’

-Come into our world’, how demonic, how mean these beings were. I now became one with him and shone upon him, so that he fell asleep for a short time.

-I connected with her and I felt who she was and how she was involved with him. What she longed for she could find on this side and on earth, but this old man was involved in her life. The connection which I saw and felt had been reached on earth. She hated. She had descended deeper than he and therefore he could be reached by me. I would do everything to prevent this demon getting power over him. Shortly before his death they wanted to force that terrible process on this side upon him.

-I placed my aura around him and waited.

-His longings were for her and when he concentrated strongly I felt that my aura started to weaken. Then his own will penetrated my help, which lay around him like a dense haze. However, I tried to prevent this and to keep him under my influence.
-He was also busy, but would he con- quer himself? I would continue to help him, that poor man. It was a battle of life and death, a battle of evil against good and against his own will. That being, the woman who had come back to him, was the greatest danger to his self-preservation.

-In reply I heard: ‘He will soon pass over, his battle has been fought. The demons can no longer reach him now. This night will pass in peace. Love is the highest, the good conquers. God be with you.

-Now he started to leave the earth, the cord tore apart and his spirit now became completely free. Life on earth was over. Now I heard speak, looked up and saw into the face of two young spirits. One of them spoke: ‘We have come to get him, brother, are you prepared to follow us?’

-Both the young spirits now took care of the spiritual body, and human being had died on earth, but entered the spiritual life. Dead on earth and born into the life of the spirit.

-The dead man was carried into a large building. I saw many of those brothers arriving here with the earthly being. Love, I saw nothing but love.

The Cycle of the Soul p.232,233,234,243,245

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof