32.6 Light spirits come to earth and help man in dying and passing over


When a person on earth nears the end of life, they can receive help from spiritual helpers. Dying on earth is like being born in the spirit. The dying person is helped in this transition by a spiritual doctor. Friends or family members, who are already in the spheres of light, are often there too. The phenomenon of a person calling to a loved one while dying is well known. People then think that the dying person is delirious, but so it doesn’t have to be.

-The brother said: ‘Look, our brothers are there the helping spirits, to provide spiritual assistance to the dying being.’ We were in a spacious bedroom, where an elderly man lay in bed who would not live for long. Var- ious family members sat next to the bed, weeping, but the man who would pass over had not achieved any great life. I saw the shadows, which I had also seen on my deathbed, they were the spiritual helpers on this side. Everyone who passes over is helped in this way. However, there were not only helping spirits, but also those who already lived on this side and would cause him sorrow and suffering.

Those who came back from the Dead p.164

-Many who are about to die call on the members of their family who went before them. People think that they are rambling, but that is certainly not the case. With their spiritual eyes they do indeed see their beloved in front of them. Look, auntie is already getting restless, and now I see the other spirits standing at the head of the bed.’

A View into the Hereafter p.103

-André looked at the spot his leader was pointing at. Hundreds of spirits were gathered. It looked as if they were waiting for a certain thing to happen. Immediately afterwards he heard a tremendous rumbling sound and he un- derstood what this meant. The accident had happened. All the spirits spread about. You see, André, that this too is known to us. Spiritual help on earth.

A View into the Hereafter p. 27 

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof