32.3 Love spirits bring spiritual knowledge, science and technology to humanity


In the spheres of light, spiritual beings work on new inventions, which must one day benefit mankind on earth. Man on earth, working on these technological and medical developments, usually thinks that the ideas and inspiration are all their  own. People often do not know, that these ideas and inspirations are passed on by Light Beings.
It also happens that a Love Spirit voluntarily incarnates on earth to transfer that new science or spiritual knowledge to humanity himself.

-Thousands of beings have a task on this side and that task is accomplished; that work cannot be destroyed, it shall and must be done, however much they may be opposed, for they all want to. They have a sacred urge to create. That is spiritual ardour, my son, a sacred ardour that flares up and warms others. How many spir- itual beings are there on earth for our work? How many spiritual lead- ers are there on this side helping those on earth? They now live in all parts of the world, for it is now the century of nourishment for the mind.

The Origin of the Universe p.533

-Spiritual help is found in every sphere, no matter where man happens to be: everywhere, in every condition, right up to the highest heavens.

A View into the Hereafter p.317

-I told you, and society already says that, we say that, that will come, society already knows it, you can soon make a world trip for four grains of sand from the desert. You also get food and drink, because there is enough of that, that grows for nothing, you will no longer need to pay for that, you only just have to live.

Question and Answer 5 p.139

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof