32.2 Love spirits from the Spheres of Light help humans on earth


Love spirits from the spheres of Light have a task to perform on earth. They stimulate earthly human beings to develop themselves and thereby reach a higher level of feeling. They also support and inspire the human being, who do their best to do good for others. They do this not only on earth, but also in the dark spheres.

-Thousands of beings have a task on this side and that task is accomplished; that work cannot be destroyed, it shall and must be done, however much they may be opposed, for they all want to. They have a sacred urge to create. That is spiritual ardour, my son, a sacred ardour that flares up and warms others. How many spir- itual beings are there on earth for our work? How many spiritual lead- ers are there on this side helping those on earth? They now live in all parts of the world, for it is now the century of nourishment for the mind.

The Origin of the Universe p.533

-Does everyone have a guardian angel? Everyone finds him, or her, in this life, who supports the human being, so that the person who has passed over gets to know his life on this side. It is otherwise not possible to free you from your earthly life.

The Cycle of the Soul p.163

-Spirits of love, André, who are fulfilling a task in the sphere of the earth. They will open other peoples’ eyes and teach them how higher happiness can be attained.’ ‘Do they know what I am doing here, Alcar? ‘They know that too, because they see your aura, and that enables them to determine everything. Another thing: those spirits are from the fourth sphere where they possess nothing but light and happiness. But in order to work in the sphere of the earth they will link up with that condition, which means that they pass on into that life. They are spirits of love, even though they wear coarse garments.

A View into the Hereafter p.291

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof