33.1 Ghosts and suicide


Man, who ends his life of his own free will, becomes a ghost.
In the place where the soul ended its life, it remains ghost until the laws are lived. That walking back and forth, up and down stairs, is the search for an exit, which is not there.
The soul is in a labyrinth and cannot get out.
This life keeps running against the astral laws.

-Every ghost is a spirit. That is also the only thing that people on earth actually know about this, even if many people have tried to represent the ghost.

There were parapsychologists who locked themselves up with the ghost, but when the ghost started haunting they had enough of it and ran out of the haunted house, they trembled and shook so much from the whole haunting experience. When the ghost manifested itself, they thought it was better to just disappear as quickly as possible and these academics were absolutely right in this, because ghosts can be danger- ous. The ghost gave them the creeps, scared them off, also threw stones and rattled chains. All the things a ghost can do! Rattle chains, walk up and down stairs, and behave in a really haunting manner during the night when the clock has struck twelve. Because at night people are no longer sure of themselves, and then the ghosts begin precisely, it is then the time to think of their task.

-The human being who puts an end to his life voluntarily becomes a ghost, because he has trampled the laws of God and those laws call him to a spiritual halt. The suicide is tied to his place. That place keeps him prisoner, until the laws are experienced. It is only then that the soul can go where it wants to itself.  

Spiritual Gifts p.505

-Every ghost has its own way of haunting. Some ghosts keep coming at a fixed hour. That is the hour of destruction. This hour keeps the soul conscious. When that hour approaches, the life can no longer concentrate on silence and peace and the soul starts to walk about. It is because of this that you can establish a fixed hour when the haunting will begin, but this hour is significant to the perished life. The soul now experiences the destruction again and that keeps coming back, months, no, hundreds of years, while it walks up and down stairs and drags along chains and lumps of stone. Can you sense what kind of misery is now experienced?

Spiritual Gifts p.512

-So not to the karmic law. That body has dissolved. But the ghost is attached to the deed, and to the personality, to the feeling.

-So if you want to continue to live in that darkness, you will not become free either.

Question and Answer6 p.165,16 

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof