33.2 Stone-throwing by ghosts and dark spirits


The throwing of stones by demons is well known on earth, but how it actually works, few people know.
When the stone-throwing begins, the stone is stripped of its gravity by concentration and is then as light as a feather. Just before the target, the demon releases the concentration. The stone then regains gravity and can mortally wound the target.
Centuries ago, there was a lot of stone-throwing. Now you hear less about it.

-THROWING stones is also a part of the physical phenomena. Only dark souls will throw stones, because a spirit of the light has conquered that roughness long ago and no longer thinks of it. However, throwing stones is as old as life in hell; since the exis- tence of the spheres of hell, stones have been thrown on earth. Throwing on earth is well-known; but only a few people know what the actual situation is.

When stones are thrown, lives are usually lost and then you immedi- ately know the mentality of the man or woman throwing stones. Those men and women live in a dark state, in other words, their hell. However, they received contact with the earth and could start throw- ing stones. Centuries ago a great deal of stones were thrown. In your own time, it only happens rarely.

Spiritual Gifts p.500

-When the stone throwing starts, gravity is removed from the stone and it is then as light as a feather. At that same moment, the levitation of the stone follows. The stone is therefore lifted, removed of gravity, and the aim is already absorbed beforehand. Now the demon tunes in his concentration and throws the stone. The concentration is tuned into one point, the middle of your head, and the stone ends up there. However, on the way, when the stone is floating, a great wonder takes place. At the moment, when the stone is flying, the demon releases the stone from his concentration at the end part of the stone. Levitation now ceases to exist. The life of the stone accepts the gravity and hits your head like a normal stone!  

Spiritual Gifts p.597  

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof