33.3 Knocking tones by ghosts


With rappings, a spirit wants to manifest itself. It can be a spirit of light, but there are also dark spirits that want to scare people with these. There are different kinds of  knocking tones.
It can be a sound from the spheres of light, with the purpose of positively stimulating life on earth to do good.
It can also be a sound of passion and raw violence, with the intention of frightening life.

-RAPPING’S are physical phenomena that are brought about by a spirit and by means of which he can manifest himself. A loud tap on a piece of furniture has guarded many a person from disaster.

-When you hear the tap, we connect ourselves with the life of a table and now elevate that life into us. As a result of the concentration this life enters a tense state, flies back and now the wood of the table experi- ences an inward shock, so that the wood taps or creaks. No more is needed for it.

-The astral tap can then be deeply moving and warm your life. It is purifying, if a spirit of the light manifests itself by means of this, however, the darkness also entertains itself by means of this. It can be a sound from the spheres of light, as a result of which the life on earth is opened, but also the sound of lust and coarse violence, as a result of which fear enters your life.

-It is as if you stretch out an elastic band and let it go, you now also hear a tap. However, our tap is more sensitive, life lies in it, and the astral tap has something to tell you. If you feel this, you actually live as a result of the tap in spiritual clairaudience. When we give heavier taps, your table explodes, because that is also possible.

-However, this tapping can be elevated to hitting with an axe. We do not hit now, we elevate the life of a door into our life and the door smashes. The blow is terrible. Nothing can stop this process. From this side the life of every material object can be elevated and then the mate- rial collapse follows of its own accord.

Spiritual Gifts p.490, 491,494, 499

-A ghost can be attached to himself for a thousand years. Not to karma, but to himself.
That is a big difference.
So not to the karmic law. That body has dissolved. But the ghost is attached to the deed, and to the personality, to the the feeling.

Question and Answer 6  p.165

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof