33.4 Spiritism seek contact with the spirit world


Usually, spiritists seek contact with a loved one who has died and is living in the spirit world. This is then done with the help of an experienced medium. The latter may use a photograph of the deceased. The medium then tells those present what she hears, sees or feels. Sometimes this succeeds and there is actual contact with the deceased. Very often it doesn’t work and that is logical, because the person in the beyond has his own way to go and sometimes just cannot be summoned. A séance can also be disturbed by a spirit with evil intentions.

-So understand, that human being on the other side does not return to your life just like that, because he is faced there with other laws of life and namely those of the spirit. And they forbid him to seek contact on earth, or we will learn nothing! It is as a result of this that all those spiritualists remain at a dead point. They want to talk to father and mother – through the cross and board and through the mediums – but I already gave you the example and that is the truth. You can try it, it is also certain, now and again there will be a lucky strike, you will get a message like that from your loved ones through those mediums. But you will not get everything, because they are not instruments.

Question and Answer1 p.153

-The more sensitive a person is, the more he sees in the spirit when he starts to tune into the spiritual life. When people have lost a loved one, only then does spiritualism have value; before it was nonsense. I experience that often, very often, when people come to me. You cannot tell enough then about life after death; they want to know all about it. Only then, do they read spiritualist books and go into it deeper. Then their hearts are broken and they can be reached. Therefore the greater the struggle, illness, suffering and sorrow people receive, the more sensitive they become, however awful it is.

Those who came back from the death p.67,68

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof