33.5 Seances with the cross-and-board or planchette


The cross-and-board and the planchette are ways of getting in touch with the Divine. Even though it seems so easy, most of the time these sessions come to nothing, as those who attend know nothing about occult laws or séances. Again, only with the help of an experienced and pure medium can a contact be established.
Even if it seems so easy, it is dangerous for amateurs. Evil spirits may also manifest, with all its consequences.

-THE cross and board, and the planchette are possibilities of entering into contact with the Other Side. This method of holding spiritual séances was actually given to you by the Egyptians and remained of all the mighty things that the Egyptians knew in order to speak to our world. In the beginning of the Egyptian development, this contact was the very first experience with the Other Side, but this simple means had to make way for the well-developed mediums. Even if the shape of the wooden cross was a bit different, the meaning of it was not lost in the centuries that passed. In your own time, hardly anyone knows what happens when you hold the wooden cross and the Other Side speaks. Usually nothing becomes of these séances, since the people present do not know anything about the occult laws of holding a séance, even if it seems so simple.

-Communications with the cross and board – the board on three balls with a pencil pushed through it – is extremely difficult.

-These forbidden fruits tasted truly bitter, as sour as vinegar, and yet other people told that they had tasted the honey sweet taste of it.

Spiritual Gifts p.61,62

-That evening many came in contact again with their dear ones who al- ready dwelt on the other side, and the pieces of evidence were overwhelming. Everything testified to truth and love. These were things you could count on, this was pure knowledge. It was beautiful! There was no need to call up the dead, they came of their own accord and spoke to those whom they had left behind.

-The friends on the other side were happy because they could cry out: ‘We aren’t dead, we’re alive. Don’t mourn over us, we come to you and will help you. We can see through matter and can guide your ways through all marshes.

-Don’t close your ears, we are with you and want to help you. Don’t look for us afar, we are near. Don’t look for us in the grave, we’re alive and at your side.’

A View into the Hereafter p.134

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof