33.6 Spirits inspire man for good or evil


Sensitive people can be inspired by spirits. Some for good, others for evil.
Spirits can connect if humans are open to this. Man is often unaware of this and thinks the inspiration is all his own. Man’s degree of sensitivity plays an important role in this. A loving personality is more likely to be sensitive to the good. A malicious personality is more likely to attract evil. In the transition from one degree of feeling to another, a personality is more prone to possession.

-When are you completely yourself on Earth?  When you have to create something for the life, is that completely from yourself? When you want to live, want to accept the joy of life, want to accept the crazy part for a moment, are you completely yourself in that?  When you do art, create or give birth to your art inspiringly, is that art completely from yourself? Do you know that for sure?
So that means that the astral being can inspire you.

The Cosmology5 p.199

-They glided onward, through many buildings and houses. Everywhere André saw earthly man and around him the astral spirit, who was visible to him. They could link up themselves, since man himself allowed this. Some for the sake of good, others for the sake of evil. He saw the sphere of the earth teeming with life, and man was unaware of its existence. He saw how some beings dispersed darkness, while others spread only light, that great and sa- cred possession, the happiness on the side beyond.

-There before you, you see an earthly author who wants to put his feelings into words. But look at his aura, there is not much I need explain about it. What he wants to give to mankind, is merely intented to raise their passions, smudge their souls and make their un- conscious emerge. At his hands, mankind is defiled, because he receives his inspiration from demons, and he allows this to happen.

-André looked at the spot his leader pointed at and saw a horrible monster that clung to this earthly human being. That being was backing him up; it was his own attunement. He, who had once lived on earth, had returned and newly experienced the life of his own longing through a physical human be- ing who tuned in to his inner condition. The human being on earth opened up to him to acquire riches and lots of other property.

-This was inspiration, evil itself in human shape. These were attunements, one in knowledge, one in will power, one in passion, one in abilities. Two human beings turned into one, two be- ings accomplished one work, wanted this and those who read it linked up with them.

A view in the Hereafter p.519,520

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof