33.7 Inventions on Earth masterminded by geniuses in evil


Inventions on Earth that are good for humanity often originate from the Spheres of Light and are transmitted to humans through inspiration.
Unfortunately, the same happens with inventions developed to destroy humans. These come from the dark spheres and are passed on to man by demons, geniuses of evil

-I mean when we visit the dark spheres, because that is where the inventions come from which have been contrived by geniuses of evil.

-But this scientist is their subject, through whom terrible inventions are handed down to the earth. In that way they hold many beings in their power who, without knowing it, are supported by demonic creatures. It’s terrible to say this, but until now evil has triumphed over good.’
André saw a human being who sat bent forward in front of his instruments and his gaugeglasses. On top of him he saw another being, a demon, who wanted to convey its invention to him. They were one, closely linked. The ‘beast’ held his prey captive. It lived inside the human being, made their feelings merge.

-The scientist concentrated forcibly. It would secure him great wealth and a lot of fame if he managed to present this to the world. He committed his sharp intellect to serve evil. The scientist trembled over his entire body; he appeared to have finished his invention, which could destroy thousands of lives. He stood up with a jolt, walked over to another hall and came back with an animal that he tied onto a table. It was a rabbit, and André understood that poison was being tested here. There was a mad gleam in the eyes of the scientist, and he trembled with excitement. He felt mighty and strong, as if he were about to present the world with a great miracle. Around the animal he put a little cage, made of wire netting, so that the gas would be able to penetrate.

-‘Will this ever end, Alcar?’  ‘One day it will, but as I said, it may take thousands of years before the conditions below the material attunement have all dissolved. Man is millions of years old, and yet pre-animal-like conditions are still known on earth. The earth would change instantly when man would part with possessions.

A view in the Hereafter p.513, 514  

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof