33.8 Demons on Earth live out through humans


Demons from the dark realms were once people living on Earth. Because they devoted their lives mainly to evil and did not develop Love, they ended up in these low attunements after their death.
However, from these dark spheres, they still want to experience the low earthly passions and violence and for this purpose they connect with humans on Earth. People who surrender to low passions are open to this.

-I also knew that the spiritual life could be shown through the film. However, what I now saw was only sensation; here something was shown which had no value in the spirit and did not possess any educational power. This was pure lust. In this way, the human being was influenced and his feeling contaminated. Many demons were around the human being. I saw animal beings, which I had not yet seen on this side. ‘The earthly person’, said the brother, ‘cannot hide himself from these beings. The astral being searches for amusement and they only find this by connecting with the human being on earth.’ How natural everything was.

-But the brother wanted me to get to know the animal part in the human being because I would see such beings again in the dark spheres. He explained all of this to me and I trembled from so much brutality. I saw the human being who had destroyed himself and others.

-These beings’, said my leader, ‘have sunk the deepest and will only see the depth of their own dark and terrible life on this side, which will be nothing more than misery for them.’ Around and in them I saw the astral beings, they kept the women entwined; the animal which had lived on earth and had come back to earth.

Those who came back from the Dead p.162,163

-They follow the ones they have in hand, and I’m sure you sense that they won’t stop at drinking. That’s how man is destroyed, and this is what he wants himself because he lives an animal-like life. They will sink lower and lower, and finally they fall into an abyss of passion and misery. Here good and evil live together, because on earth the attunements ranging from the pre-animal-like to the material all live together too.

A view in the Hereafter p.516

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof