33.9 Possession and passion


Sensitive people can be influenced by astral spirits. If such a person then engages in indulging in low passions, degradation and deception, this will attract the demon world. Man’s passions, as it were, open the inner door for the demons. The demons then use the earthly substance body for their pleasures, for their passions, their violence and their urge to destroy. As one thinks and acts as a human being himself that is what one attracts.

-If the trivial, a slight feeling for lust lives within you, be assured that this will attract all the lust to itself, once you have reached a connection with this world. That power, known as lust, will eat away at your inner life, suck you empty, because you do not possess any protection of your own!

Spiritual Gifts p.124

-So anyone who can give those astral lives something to experience, so anyone who is open to destruction and lusts, those people are attacked on earth and certainly fall into the hands of the astral personality.

-The astral being can connect itself with those on earth, who possess the same longings and characteristics as a human being, because otherwise they cannot be reached.

Question and Answer1 p.23

-When astral man has gained control of man on earth, he experiences his own life. The demons use that material body for their pleasures, for heart drafts, violence and destruction. Everything is animal, very, very sad, but they are horrible truths. Once one has reached that earthly being, dozens of beings live out in that material body. He who once passes into the hands of evil is mostly helplessly lost. From this side one does everything to preserve such a person. It is dark and horrible, but the astral person wants to experience, they are one of feeling and thought.

The Cycle of the Soul p.264

-You are not possessed if there is no false possession in you. A demon cannot inspire you if you want justice, harmony.

Lectures2 p.182

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof