35.3 If you close your eyes, you can see the Al Source


Before creation started, before God manifested, there was only darkness. However, in this darkness lived the Divine All, a tremendous power, a tremendous palpable energy. According to the eyewitness account of Jozef Rulof and his masters, you can compare it to what you see as a human being, when you close your eyes and then look at the darkness inside. What you then see is a dark space with all the bright spots. You can then see the Al Source.

-If we, my Master, want to get to know these laws, we experience the All-Source as an eternity, and it is only then that the different grades of life come forward. That is then the All-Soul, also the All-Life and then the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood, by means of which God manifested himself as Love.”
“That is the truth, my brother. Everything which is now God, lived be- fore Creation in a world of silence and peace, invisible, because there was still no conscious material life to be seen. But from that we came to life as human beings, also the animal kingdom and Mother Nature. Life in the spaces of God, so the material world still had to awaken.

The Cosmology1 p.18

-And then you do it like this: you sit in the darkness of your room, you put your hands on your eyes and now look, and then you still see sparks. That is an attunement of the All-Source. That All-Source was like this, you see into that darkness, by means of which I want to explain the All-Mother to you; which is very difficult and yet simple. You see that a million-sparks-rain is present in that darkness. Can you feel this? And they are not lies, they are not the little stars which you have in your eyes, that is the All-Source in that and that state. Because you now see from inside out through the material, beyond the material, beyond the spirit, you see the protoplasm in that as working, as cells, as millions, billions; what is called billions and what are millions, what does that word, what do those figures have to explain if we are in the All-Source?

Lectures3 p.72-73

-Here – in this space, in this darkness – lives the All-Soul, here is also the All-Life. And we will soon see all of this together as soul, the All-Spirit. Therefore all the qualities live here which we see materialized and spiritualized by God, but which were born from the All-Mother as a source of energy.

Lectures3 p.70-71


Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof