35.4 GOD reveals itself in creation


The world around us, the visible universe in which we live, people, animals, nature, water, rocks, planets and stars is a material manifestation of the enormous mystical force, which we call “God” or Al Source. Man plays a central role in it. Man is born from the Al Source, evolves and eventually returns to this source. This evolutionary process takes place on both a material and spiritual level. To go through this evolutionary process, man needs millions of lives. The Divine plan of evolution is an orderly plan and is directed naturally harmoniously by millions of laws of life. In order for humans to understand and recognize this Divine evolutionary plan in our daily lives, the Celestial Masters have brought this knowledge, this Cosmology, to Earth through the books of Jozef Rulof.

-When mankind on earth, in its perfect condition, wonders what God is and why we are on earth, this is the revelation, the truth, and reality, for it was God’s wish that mankind would live through this revelation. Thus, God created the universe for mankind; He created stars and planets; but he made mankind after his own image. God wanted mankind to become conscious; and this Divine consciousness, which we will possess one day, was given by God to a being in human form.

-There are already people who have lived on earth, and many other planets, who have returned to the Divine All-Power. They, therefore, have consciously taken possession of the universe; otherwise, and that will be clear to you, we would not have received this message.
Man follows a long road; for billions of years are required to reach Divine life. But what man then possesses, cannot be imagined. What you have experienced, André, will one day be our possession. This has been the purpose of the entire creation. God gave His own self. God gave man, the highest being, these Divine gifts. God created something in which He Himself lives. It is now up to man to see to it that he is in harmony.

The Origen of the Universe p.81

-Can’t you be thankful, now that you know all this and is life on earth that terrible? We had to experience sorrow and misery only because we had brought it about ourselves, and had to make up for it. God did not want that misery; but God wanted us to make up for what we did to others, for burdened with all those debts and sins we would not be able to enter spheres of light, because we would collapse. What more can I say? Only this: they, who have reached the Divine Spheres, will remain there and all those millions of planets will eternally continue to occupy a place in the universe.

The Origen of the Universe p.280


Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof