35.5 Creation has begun with the Almotherhood


Then in that darkness comes movement – vibration – light, and over a period of millions of years, there are periods when the light becomes stronger and stronger, alternating with periods of darkness. This process the masters call the birth process of the All-Mother.
From the Divine All, more and more Divine plasma, Divine aura, visible and invisible, manifests. Divine All and specifically the Almother gives birth to herself.

-And then, it is only then that we come to stand before the source of this space. And that source is now called All-Mother, the All-Mother of this space; the source by means of which the life received an independence. And you are that as a human being, that is the animal and that is all the life of Mother Nature.

Lectures1 p.399

-The ‘All-Source’ is Mother and this motherhood was for the beginning of creation: aura, therefore protoplasm! Everything can be seen and experienced in that energy as protoplasm, as a result of which ‘GOD’ could start with his life. Therefore … the ‘All-source’ is now ‘GOD’ and ‘GOD’ is the ‘All-source’. This word of God now represents all the life of the ‘All-mother’, as soul and spirit, fatherhood and motherhood and all those other laws of life, which we were able to get to know through the books and the lectures.

Questions and Answers1 p.304-305

-The All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood. It began with motherhood, because it later became light. And that Source sent out vibrations, feeling. They were later hazes. In a thousand centuries; then those vibrations had, those feelings, it was a plasma, a proto- plasm, a substance, a living substance, that is the actual life then…

Question and Answer5 p.188

-The West does not know God, does not know the All-Source as mother. On the contrary, people see here, in the West people see the father. But God, the actual source of God originated from motherhood. Can you feel that? And that is now the mother. The mother possesses that All-Source as a human being, an animal possesses that All-Source as an animal. If you look at a flower, then you can see the All-Source in the core.

Question and Answer5 p.205

-The mother, the All-Mother has begun with her process of giving birth.
Aura comes and that aura connects itself, spreads itself through this vastness. That is the body, the organism for the All-Mother from which God was born, from which the Father originated.

Lectures1 p.408


Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof