35.6 The All Source as mother gives birth to life


The Albron as All Mother opens up and begins giving birth after seven stages of development. The space is filled with life-fluid, aura. Then there is first the spiritual manifestation followed by the material. Through motherhood and fatherhood, or giving birth and creation, all this life will expand and condense.

-You see, my brothers, that the All-Source as Mother opens itself and begins with creation. This is the very first working, which we also followed and by means of which the Creation began. What you now see is therefore the life fluid of the All-Mother, and that means giving birth! After this the spiritual evolution comes and that becomes the material world as a space. It is the universe in which you live. This All-Aura will therefore fill this space and that is then the All-Maternal-Body. But by means of fatherhood and motherhood this life will condense while growing. So, the All-Source is ‘Mother’!

The Cosmology1 p.21-22

-Therefore that whole universe here was only mother. And because it changed, it got a new grade; but that was fatherhood again, that was another working. And it continued in this way, until the universe, this universe then, this vastness, became condensed, in clouds, that was all plasma, that was all soul, life, light, as clouds. And finally the light reached division, then it had entered a gold shining stage. It divided again, darkness came again, and then the creation began. And now every particle is… – now that word God also comes – every particle repre- sents the All-Source now.

Question and Answer5 p.189

-We experienced those laws, we saw how the All-Mother – now it comes – began with her giving birth. And then God came, the God as father.

Lectures2 p.222

-The mother, the All-Mother has begun with her process of giving birth.
Aura comes and that aura connects itself, spreads itself through this vastness. That is the body, the organism for the All-Mother from which God was born, from which the Father originated.

Lectures1 p.408

-Accept irrevocably that God is ‘Mother’ for everything. It is the All-Mother by means of which all life got her independence.

The Cosmology1 p.37


Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof