35.7 Motherhood gives birth to Fatherhood


Creation thus began through birthing by the Almother.
The All-Mother gives birth to two basic Divine forces: Motherhood and Fatherhood. The basic force Motherhood concentrates in a sphere, which we later called Moon. The basic force Fatherhood concentrates in a sphere, which we later came to call Sun. Moon and Sun represent the All-Motherhood and All-Fatherhood for the creation of all life and the entire universe.

-God divided himself, now this is God, an illuminated being. This vastness is filled by All-Mother thinking and feeling, crystallized by a Divine garment as light from which a new life must soon be born and that is the sun as the creating power.

Lectures1 p.47

-Sun and Moon were able to condense themselves for the first time with the origin of the creation and motherhood continued to accept that warmed plasma, but by means of this the life condensed itself in an embryonic state. The Sun as the paternal authority emitted that power and the Mother as the First Cosmic Grade of Life absorbed that sacred working into herself.

The Cosmology1 p.190

-Master Alcar says, “live in this space has started, it has begun. Space is now giving birth and creating. Space is light, life and love. The God of all life, the All-Mother, divided herself infallibly, harmonically, justly, and came and was revealed from darkness to light and back to new evolutions. The life has started for millions of stages of life and grades of life. Nothing”, Master Alcar says, “can stop this Divine event. The creation of God infallibly ends up in human hands, which we will soon experience and see.

Lectures3 p.112

-It is the All-Source, accept this – before the creations began – which sent out the first life aura. That was simple plasma, an aura that people call protoplasm. They later became hazes and then, after centuries, clouds, condensed mass, which changed, and finally, after so many millions of centuries, which are ages, accepted a Divine garment; and that became the light, the Divine light. We now learn that God is a personality as light. There was nothing in that universe, in that vastness. That aura could condense and materialize itself, even if this is still Divine substance, it originated, was born from the primal source and that primal source could think and feel. A Divine thinking inspired that visible shape of thinking and feeling, which is for the universe the All-Mother.  

Lectures1 p.45

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof