35.8 The human soul is a Divine spark


Our whole being as a human being is the spark of God and so are all the planets, everything that lives in the universe.
But man did not receive from God only His own life, but we passed into His holy life. God wanted us to become like God through His attunement, to consciously enter the universe and make it our own. Within us lies that Divine power and it is up to us to make something of it and become a conscious Divine being.

-I can see that wonder before me, my Master. God divided himself, as that also happened by means of the All-Source. We now see that the universe has to darken because of this. So other worlds originated from this golden light, which are sparks of God, but which is the Divine spark. With all the character traits of God, because the All-Source also gave itself. And we got to know that Mother.”
“It would happen like that, my brothers. We now see that stage. This is therefore the macrocosmos, and that wonderful space divided itself be- cause the life has to evolve. This is God, seen as sparks. You cannot be mis- taken now either, because we will soon see those sparks again as material bodies, and the material macrocosmic and microcosmic existence begins.

-We now know, every law of God is a spark of His life and every spark possesses all His traits, but especially His depth.

The Cosmology1 p.36,37

-What now speaks to us is therefore, the All-Soul divided itself and that little part became the Divine Soul! This protoplasm became ‘Soul’ for God. And that aura is the life blood of the All-Mother! Brought to working, driven on by the All- Will! And that is giving birth and creating!

-It is also the being one with the All-Source… which is Omnipotence. We are therefore omnipotent as human beings when we have mastered that Divine stage and conscious- ness.

The Cosmology1 p.28,29

-Our entire existence, André, as a human being, is that spark of God, as are all those planets, everything living in the universe. But man, and this will be clear to you now, not only received God’s own life, he also passed into His sacred life. God wanted us through His attunement to become like God, to pass consciously into the universe and to acquire that. A spark of God is the animal on earth, a piece of stone, a fragment of iron, but we are the conscious, inspiring beings who have received this gift from God.

-That Divine power is present within us; we are that power and it is up to us to go for it; to become the conscious Divine being.

The Origen of the Universe p.200

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof