35.9 The Divine power in spirit, soul and material


In he universe, there is more invisible energy than visible. Behind the visible energy lives the invisible energy, which directs everything.
The soul is spirit and is invisible energy. Everything in the universe, visible or invisible has originated from God and has a task to fulfil.

-However deep everything is, everything, all those wonders are simplicity, for God is simplicity and love. When man feels that, it will move him deeply and ‘this’ is love. Because every- thing vibrates for love, radiates like the sun, and this is the power of love, nothing but power of love, a power which all of us will once possess. Then, our radiance will touch thousands of people and everything living in our surroundings. Then we are suns ourselves, luminous beings like the universe, and we shall be like God.

The Origen of the Universe  p.101

-There is more invisible, than visible energy, which we know from phenomena in the universe. God lives behind the visible energy; the invisible energy is that awe- inspiring power which rules everything, and which is also God and means ‘life’.
The invisible energy lives as spirit and is the soul of the human and animal organism.
We all are energy, André, for we have emanated from the invisible. Every animal, every organism discarded, everything man possesses on earth in material condition, everything living in the universe, stars, planets, and all those millions of objects, will once return to the Almighty and Arch-Power.

-Whether visible or invisible, it has to perform a task. There is noth- ing without a purpose, and nothing can exist unless it comes from God, and has emanated from the invisible. We, and all those living on these planets, all that exists, André, is God, is energy, and has to perform a task.

The Origen of the Universe  p.103

-The human being says: you are a human being and you are a priest, you are an academic and you are this and you are that. No, we have to do with a life form as a grade for the All-Source. You represent here in this world your All-Source as a physical and spiritual attunement.

Question and Answer5 p.212-213

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof